One Stop Solution for Electronic Components

We are in the middle of remarkable of change which was
facilitated by Internet Revolution. It is strikingly phenomenal change that
our life pattern as well as working environment have been getting better
by leaps and bounds thanks to the development of Information Technology.

Furthermore, we can feel deeply that we are living in an intimate
community which is dubbed Global Village. Corresponding to such a
trend, it is widely recognized that only creative companies capable of
coming up with and suppling unique services and products of their own
can survive in this era of New Millenium.

We, Hani Corporation, are a leading distributor of electronic components
which was established in 1993. We are a progressive export company
specializing in suppling electronic components. With a variety of
competitive and qualified components our well trained staff provide
prompt reply within 24 hours and you will be sure to upgrade the way of
your purchasing manner as well as manufacturing efficiency.

We, however, take credit and trust as a top priority over any other values.
But for credit and trust, we are not able to expect continuous relationship
or guarantee your satisfaction in off-line or on-line Business.

Please find one stop solution for electronic components from one source
and check out its service.

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